Tour Schedule is UP!!

Its Autumn!!! and the trees are reaching high with color, the sunsets are brighter and more vivid!

Is it your plan to be in a home by the time the leaves are rapidly falling:  Raking Season??

If so…lets rake through the inventory…and and bag a home!!!

TOUR ON OCTOBER 2nd 2012, Tuesday

Hanson Area tour

WHEN:  OCTOBER 2ND 2012, Tuesday!

Starting at

Bay State Circle

9:15 to 9:45 a.m.

Germaine Realty Groups Robert!!

(We will take attendance right before
heading out on Caravan! And go over changes that have occurred..(cancellations

Heading off at 9:45 a.m. for 1054
Monponsett Street

Paul Sears of Tarantino&Associates

Next to 229 Reed Street
with Sandra Quilty of Seaside Homes

438 Maquan with Pat Ford *and Dottie McDonald* of William Raveis

1087 East Washington with Maureen Mansfield of CBRB Scituate

84 Adams Circle with Jim Reichert of Conway Hanson

645 East Washington Street with Scott Gordon of Realty Edge

410 East Washington Street with Margaret Lynch of CBRB Norwell



Captain Nathaniel Drive

With Scott Gordon of Realty Edge

everyone who has a listing on tour will have to meet at the first stop

Try and get there in time to see the host home!!

also there will be announcements on Tour changes!! (if any)

Tours are a great way to see what your listing is up against, what your buyers might love, and get great advice to help you in your real estate endeavors!!

Staging, Loans, pricing, networking….  Some of us even meet a buyers agent that has “the” buyer for a listing of yourS!

Valuable Exposure!!



Looking forward to this…as usual!


Amy L. Troup



647 thoughts on “Tour Schedule is UP!!

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