printing logoMy Name is Amy L. Troup Greeley

I believe that DreamsComeTroup

A bit of dedication goes along way..

My drive in life is to give people comfort through their homes; for  you and within you

For ten years I have found homes for people.  I do this in a way that ensures success for the buyers

For ten years I have sold homes and been innovatively finding new fun ways to get your homes seen.  I won’t sit back and wait for something to happen…I market your home…  therefore I plan something to get your home eXposed!!!

eXposure tours are my invention to get a network of Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and Industry Career Minded People to your home!!  to make sure that you are properly marketed!  I take others points of views and remarket your home until the right person comes through the door and wants your home!!!!

I also teach yoga to help people breathe into their bodies…..to give space to their veins, their organs, their minds!!! to relieve stress and bring comfort in their minds/bodies and souls!!!!

it works….people who breathe and do a bit of yin yoga get better.

medications are reduced or stopped

peace is found!!!


NOW I have found a great FDA approved medical device that is all natural……  and it works!

I have signed on!!!  I tried it myself before I signed on and I am pretty pumped.  Now you can start finding freedom from pain….  Naturally

Call me to find out how the “love” works

Always trying to find new ways to free you from the stresses of life!

I am truly working for humanity


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