I grew up in Halifax, Ma in a home that my parents had built for us. It is a beautiful home with a yard that was created over years with love and hard work.
When I first started looking at Real Estate I was a young girl sitting in the back seat looking at homes. My Mom always thought that it was incredible how interested I was in homes…Well apparently it was in my blood…My ancestors started Troup Real Estate in Braintree many years ago…. Being from such an extensively large family I did not know that side of the family. We already had 24 at Christmas without my first cousins. We would have had to rent a hall.
My first home was in Abington. I never thought that I would have made any effort at purchasing it except for that I was out front with the co buyer and they said “what you think you are just going to end up with the house you grew up in just like that?”. In fact that was what I was thinking….What a wake up call! We bought the house and sold it two and a half years later for over double the price…  (not a normal occurence historically or regularly!)
The next home I bought was also one that was not my dream, but slowly and surely the better houses come with a little time. Remember “Rome was not built in a day” AND One step at a time.
Now-a-days I dream of the times where people had homes and lived….lived their lives unconcerned about what kind of home they had, what kind of counter tops and cabinets they had…or whatever Hollywood status they think they had.  Lived!  life is not our is breathing, moving, living,….and being grateful that you have a roof over your head, food on your plate and LOVE from your friends and family!!
My experience in Real Estate is longer than I have been practicing as a Realtor…., but I have been a Realtor for 9 years (since 2004). I love to guide sellers and buyers to their goals.
Buyers remember that part of home is comfort…and if you can not afford the home you will not be comfortable.
I am proud to announce that I am a Yoga Instructor and would love to offer you private classes! at your home or mine…or  in a beautiful field or setting of your desire!
Finding homes for you and within you!
Lets find out how you can do this today!
Not a sales person, rather a person who is willing to guide you through your Real Estate Process with patience and understanding, knowledge and determination, I won’t be showing you ten houses and telling you to pick.. We will find you the house that you want. I showed 89 houses to a couple before they found their dream. How many will it take you is not an issue; the issue is what do you want to find! Remember reasonability and reality takes a great part in this equation! I can not work a miracle!!but I will try!
Selling your home with me offers you great eXposure and Marketing
I will tell you the best things to do to expand your marketability…
Call me and find out why I sell your home for more.
its about you! and your best interest!!
“You were always on my mind….”
so I will dress with a “smile and a ribbon in my hair”
Keep Flying Dad!!
Love and Miss you always….
A.L.T. a part of you

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