A piece of Heaven on Earth, North America, U.S.A., Massachusetts, South Shore, Pembroke MA

27 Standish Street In Pembroke, MA  02359

If I ever told you there was a place on the South Shore of Massachusetts that had 78 acres?

would your mouth drop As You map out places it could be?

Well…. Ta -DA It Exists!!

Set 30 miles South of Boston

15 minutes to Plymouth’s Historic Waterfront

8 miles to Gorgeous Sandy Ocean Beaches and Powder Points Famous Wooden Bridge…


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You get here & begin to drive you think “wow! This is here?” Privately set where you would never have imagined…even as you drive in…. The Hidden Treasure doesn’t fully reveal itself then…or even to the Owners years and years later..…

At first you drive through the gate which is not representative of what is to come…

You are curving through the private cranberry bog roads that assumingly feel like that is where you are…

a True To New England Cranberry Bog Niche in the world….

THEN around the corner A State of the Art Steel drive through #S&S building that is 75’x50’ not including the 75’x30’overhang that shelters All kinds of Big Boy Toys, machines and tools that could be utilized by many different Tradesman or Hobbyists to farm, build, repair, tinker, in countless ventures and industries!!

AFTER getting used to ALL of the Potential of the Huge Industrial BARN! You continue to drive deeper in viewing the vast distance of the property and seeing the framing of forests…catching a glimpse of passing deer, swimming ducks, geese and Swans

Suddenly….BAM! Framed by a Carved out Northeast Pine Grove atop-a hill to shelter and protect the home from Blustery storms and provide this Poised #Habitat Post&Beam Castle that’s Prow Windows face the Southwest with ALL the ever-changing Panoramic views!

It makes you feel like you have just been dropped in a magazine centerfold!! Gables of excitement!! Overcome you!

Like Heaven on Earth

Take the Turn by the Blueberry Bushes that are harvested for homemade Blueberry Preserves and begin to take in the beautiful landscape that compliments and accents the home and it’s setting ….

Take The driveway like a rainbow around the home that promises; even the rainy days will be a delight here!

Around the back<or is it the front???>

Pull onto the cement heated driveway that is set like a doormat to the garage for your vehicles.. The garage is a two car garage that boasts one drive through bay, room for a work shop, stairways to a bedroom suite that could be used for an au pair, a bed and breakfast owner’s suite a teenage suite, or whatever your mind paints for it. There is a large bedroom with white ash floors gorgeous gables and a large full bath with built ins!! Making use of ALL the eve space.

You will see use of space throughout the home used creatively, Demonstrating how full of thought and planning this home received……

Back down to the garage and take the steps out a side entrance to a wraparound mahogany deck…this is the first entrance onto the Home Ships Deck out of 5……

Going inside where the heat is produced by the Bentley of Heating systems…..#Viessmann “Climate of Innovation” The lower walkout level and the first floor are all done with radiant in floor heating…..The Barefoot Dream!

The upper levels by hot water baseboard which hardly ever were used… & the Viessmann Indirect hot H2o heater that heats the Town Water State of the Art Heating….

Central Air is also a feature in this home in the bedrooms and the bathrooms…however the home has hardly ever needed to turn up the air due to the pleasant air and wind that naturally cooled the home through all of the Anderson Windows ** and Doors

The home took two years to build…..A labor of Love.

Every Contractor was chosen for their skill and reputation in the art of building, framing, lighting, wiring, planning, and working with their heart and souls right along with the owners and creators of such a Dream.

The owners excavated, they picked out the perfect granite, marble and finishes…and they even took every tongue and groove board in the ceilings way up in the gable ceilings and oiled them on all sides before they were place in their home….. They were a part of the whole process from its foundation spot…..all the way to the endless maintenance and love that they give and gave to this home to keep the 16 year old house just like new……..

It’s Truly Amazing that anyone had so much life here…with all the memories and the dancing and parties they had with Rolling Stones Blaring at 15 through the surround sound speaker system……..that it is this Meticulous still!!!

Just a foot note:(**some windows are custom milled due to their unique shapes.**)

Now Inside; Entering into a tiled entry hall serviced by great closets, a Laundry Room…leave the dirt at the door!!, and a Gorgeous Lavatory….that all can be closed off from the expansive living area by a pocket door if you so desire!!!

And now the show takes yet another breathtaking scene at the living area…open and defined by posts and beams and White Ash flooring that reaches out across with artistic touches of zebra wood inlays that frame the great room and fireplace Birds eye maple that emphasizes the Prow of this Home Ship!

The Chef and Bakers Dream Cherry Kitchen is adorned with Gorgeous Granite, Stainless Steel, Easy Close Draws, even customized Cabinets like one made to house and easily use your Kitchen Aid Beater.

A three tier island with prep area designed to be the best place to Can, Make Anisette Cookies, or teach a cooking lesson….

picture your students sit at the higher bar level that looks upon what you are preparing….and another level for showing all the ingredients needed…. (All ingredients are in your Pantry that has real swinging kitchen doors) Or even passing along the family secret recipes, serving guests, school day breakfasts……and just anything life means for your kitchen time……

Another Great Feature is the 42” #DCS stove fueled by Propane!!; really has it all from grill to griddle to 4 burners, convection oven, Regular Oven, all serviced by a Commercial Vent that is vented outside and away from disturbing anyone on the deck….including two Hawks that paid a lengthy visit one day…..

The lighting designer made sure to have the perfect Lighting that reflects up and down and properly task lights and shows off the features above around and beyond… Everywhere including a top the beams in the ceiling… all the way to under cabinet lighting, up lighting, pendant lighting……..showing depth and creating perfect atmospheres throughout the home.

Open to the dining room…and a step to the front sunroom with entrance to the deck where you can enjoy your casual everyday meals…..with a view that you’d pay for in a restaurant…

All opened yet casually separated by a few timber posts from the two story GREAT Room that has ALL the windows, two entrances to the ship’s deck! And a compass inlayed to show you the direction you’re looking at…..

looking back to One of the Three Fireplaces that were artistically laid out and built by Cambridge Ma Harvard Square Mason…. This one is built with a raised cantilever hearth that has held twelve people for the family photos

The great room was held tons of multilevel parties and it is open to the foyer that graces the guests so picture perfectly. The foyer is inlayed with a rose…..The Compass Rose. And yes there is a coat closet…May I check your coat at the door?

And set back in the corner are the milled on site, custom oak stairs that are stairways to each level of this Heaven on Earth Estate Let’s go up to the loft……..there are special lights to light your way….Sconces on the wall…..

Up on the loft you have gorgeous views out the Prow that just make this level like being in a high rise …..Overlooking the world….. And step out onto the Loft’s Own Podium…where showers and parties have been addressed formally Sharing Stunning News of Loved ones and Friends alike in all of the genres of life….Certainly the birds eye view of all your guests and the effect is effective and fun!!!

“I’m having a baby” “I’m getting married” “everyone look at the deer out in the southwest” Or…. Karaoke Singing on a Really Fun Night!!!

There is a Bedroom Suite with Gable details and architectural design with its own En suite….with built ins and unique details!

So where do you spend most of your time!!!!!

Could be the lower level that walks out Under the Gorgeous wrap deck and has a path framed by arborvitaes that peeks out to the Gorgeous Bogs……..and Land beyond….

The 2nd Masterpiece Hearth Is done in a Harvard Square Signature Motif and is the one that was used. There is a heat o later that circulates the glowing fires warmth

And the floors all laid with Italian Marble laid down like it was a jigsaw puzzle…complete to the last detail….(boasting the same barefoot experience as the main level)

This area offers a Great Bar that has glasses from all over their travels and lots of laughs and stories that give this home a tranquil feel

There is a billiard that offers a great tournament in the making while watching the Pats throw a Hail Mary in the 4th quarter final minute to win….

And a great big carpeted area that used to be the perfect home gym! Again, a perfect place for you to make their canvas more yours with the palette of your lives.

There is storage on the other side of this room….with some of the electric panels of breakers, security, backup generator and more….

An office/den area off in a private windowed corner….

And yet still the workshop/boiler room…that shows the beautiful Viessmann heating system, houses the softener for the town water that is piped and the source of this homes water. Another electrical panel and your heating fuel oil storage tanks……

At the end of the night…we hear Calgon a calling….take me to my bath and let us see the Master Suite Master bath with large walk in shower with seats…a huge jetted soaking tub (& a perfectly separated lavatory.) Now all ready to go lie down or wind down…..onto the heated barefoot dream A fan that mimics fishing poles and sails moves the air down in the sleeping quarters

White ash flowing floors that are reaching out to the wraparound deck of this fabulous ship with a private spot for a master table for coffee or a bit of sunset.

And boast the 3rd Harvard Masons Creation of three in this home (this is one of this famous masons last big project) For Romance and Warmth while reading a book in your Master Sunroom…or toasting an anniversary!!

Custom Spiral Staircases lead to the Master loft and upper deck views….closets and more!

And honestly I could go on….and on and still have so much more to tell…. This home designed & maintained Exuding Bucolic Views! Ever-changing ALL day & ALL night with the sun the moon and the stars!! ALL year! Each Season!

From the winter wonderlands of snow storms blanketing the world around you, or outside snowshoeing or skating on the Frozen Flooded Cranberry Bogs until Spring comes along and you watch the leaves be born like it was time lapsed photography and then the flowers bloom on the bogs and the bees are buzzing all their business!! The Berries are forming and ripening…The Summer Sun Rising High to peek through the prow with yet another new ray. Autumn bringing the harvests and the new time elapse of nearly daily color changes with birdsongs the perfect back drop until the last of the Geese fly south for the winter…..

And yet there are still more new pictures to be seen from the windows of the Prow Ship Home that feels like it moves due to all this nature and more…..& this like Genesis has only just begun to tell this FairyTale story “Labor Of Love” about the ship house; Alas there is still infinitely more that could be talked about here…..never mind the infinite palettes of life that are possible here. Yoga, Montessori, kennel, Organic Farm, solar energy field or????……………………………………!!!!!

Oh and I didn’t even mention that the homes architecture is a Green Energy Saving Creation on its own!!

Truly, it’s a never ending completely versatile tranquil acreage that offers it all…..from Framing Forests of Privacy to Cranberry Bogs and Blueberry Bushes, Large hip shaped reservoir, so much untouched and so much to see….. Will it ever reveal all of its secrets???

I guess you will have to find out….be the next one to Enhance upon this Canvas of ours with your enhancements to our Dream.

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