eXposure Tour for Silver Lake District: Invite Phase

We are eXposure Touring on Thursday November the 20th

Where: Silver Lake District Starting at the first house on tour which will be Hosted with coffee and snacks

between 9:15 and 9:45

we will meet and network

then leave for the other homes at 9:45 (tour should be over by 1pm the latest)

we have 8 slots left on the tour

one listing per attending Realtor please!  Realtors with listings should plan to be on the WHOLE Tour

are you interested in exposing your listing on the tour?

email me your name, office and listing Mls# and address

to be put on this well attended eXposure tour!!!

First 8 listings will be on the tour!! so don’t wait!!

Thank you!!

Amy L. Troup Greeley


(781) 775-5229



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3,934 thoughts on “eXposure Tour for Silver Lake District: Invite Phase

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