The Lower Level eXposed ( a picture tour with captions)

Come in through the sliders.....from Ice Skating on the flooded Cranberry Bogs or from snowshoeing around the trails on this glorious 78 Acre parcel.......

Come in through the sliders…..from Ice Skating on the flooded Cranberry Bogs or from snowshoeing around the trails on this glorious 78 Acre parcel…….

have a seat at your favorite local bar!

have a seat at your favorite local bar!

where everyone knows your name!

where everyone knows your name!

Perfect Place

Perfect place for a party…lots of light (and this was taken between 2:30 and 3pm…)

Olhausen Pool Tables

Olhausen Pool Tables The Best in Billiards


Playing a game and the view for a little inspiration to get the winning angle shot!


Seriously breathtaking….


you certainly will be visited on Sundays by many!!!

Marchello Bianco

Enjoy the Fireplace…one of three in this home. Built by the Mason that built Harvard University’s Brick work….Marchello Bianco


closer view of lower level, entertainment level, fireplace with heatolater

and for you?

Pick your potion

Sam Malone

Sam Malone behind the bar!!!


Simply another beautiful piece of artwork…Craftmanship is an understatement

another view

another view of the area…. the carpeted area was the perfect in home gym for these owners…. Picture the mirrors on the wall… the perfect set up to stay sculpted!

around the corner is the office...with a view that would make you want to work

around the corner is the office…with a view that would make you want to

Dreams Come Troup......Greeley

Seriously…what else can I say about the game/play area…..that certainly is a dream come troup

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