Tour List Posted!!!!!

Last of the April Showers Tour

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Meeting AT:  Amy Troup of Molisse Realty Group’s

New to the Market

232  Hudson Street in East  Bridgewater (on the corner of Poor Meadow)

Ronda Polleys of Greenpark Mortgage will be hosting US

between 9:15 am and 9:45 am

9:45 am we will leave for Lots on Wampanoag in East Bridgewater with Mr. Volpe and or Michael Shea of William Raveis

Heather Wood of Silva RE Newly Listed 379 East Street in East  Bridgewater

74 Circuit Street in HALIFAX with CBRB’s Diane Needle

29 Highland Circle in Halifax with Brian Mullen of Options 1 5 3

10 Pemmican Way in Halifax with Mary Jo Cunningham of Keller Williams

96 Bay State In HANSON with Germaine Realty (Bob Germaine& Bob Forte)

73 Hammond Road in Hanson w/James Loonie Team of  KellerWilliams

MaryBeth Muldowny of Tradewinds will show us her lots on Whitman Street in HANSON

Denise Rannou of Molisse Realty will drive us by and tell us about newly to be developed 391 Franklin Street in Hanson

And David Lenger of KellerWilliams will show us 15 Mountain Ash in East Bridgewater

This will be a big day for networking and exposure!
When we are at your listing take the stage have a fun way to get some advice and feedback!!!!!!
Surveys or?? Whatever you can think of?
We will also have some guests from other Complementary to Real Estate Company reps!!!!
Bring Colleagues!!!  & Thank you!
Amy L. Troup
Molisse Realty Group

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