You Are Invited to the eXposure Tour

eXposure tour on Thursday November the 6th, 2014

Starting between 9:15 and 9:45 a.m.

At….Patti Nemes of Century 21 Tassinari & Associates new listing in Halifax

*201 Elm Street in Halifax MA*

The Mortgage Brothers, Jim and John Harrington of First Eastern Mortgage

Are hosting a little bit of java, breakfast snacks and mortgage news!!!!!!!!!!

We will leave at 9:45 a.m. for

237 Plymouth St ,  Halifax, MA  with Kim Zanellato of Jack Conway in Duxbury

Then head to 670 Pleasant Street in Hanson with Paul Jackson of Tarantino and Associates

Next to 118 Priscilla Drive in Pembroke with Success Real Estates’ Carolyn Flaherty

Over to Plymouth Street in Pembroke for #383 with Boston Connects’ Jackie Tinkham

To the Ridge for two homes

Kris Wolf will show us #19 Ridge Ave in Pembroke

And Alice Mallen of Success will show us #50 Ridge Avenue in Pembroke

Up to 489 Spring Street in Hanson with Richard Green of Jack Conway in Hanson

Back down to High Street in Hanson #624 with Marie Green

And Finally Jonathan Ashbridge of Century 21 Abigail Adams will show us

38 Phillips Street in Hanson


Please invite colleagues of your offices and others for the BEST eXposure you can get for your listing

It’s a great networking tour to see the market and what it has to offer

Learn cutting edge mortgage news

And more

See you Thursday the 6th of November 1, 2014

Thank you

Amy L. Troup-Greeley

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