August 5th eXposure tour: INVITE PHASE

amyOn August 5th (Tuesday) the eXposure tour will be touring HANSON and HALIFAX

We have two listings on tour as of today! so far!! before this invite!

So the first 8 Realtors to email their listing for the tour….are on!

Please email me, Amy L. Troup Greeley,

send me  your name, your office name, the mls# and the address of your listing!

I will send back okay!

We have a host spot all set for 9:15 to 9:45 meeting time…..

Please log off 9:15 to 1pm in your calendars!!!!


Last tour brought lots of activity to our Silver Lake Listings….your turn Hanson and Halifax!!

thank you!

Amy L. Troup Greeley

The Greeley Family

Molisse Realty Group

(781) 775-5229

265 thoughts on “August 5th eXposure tour: INVITE PHASE

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