Itinerary for Thursday July 17th’s eXposure Tour

eXposure tour for the Silver Lake area! When: Thursday, July 17th, 2014 Whole tour Time: 9:15 to 12:45 ish Meet us at the first stop for some market updates on law, mortgages and a bite to eat ! Hosted by Salem Five of Ann Forsyth And Where: 159 Wapping Road in Kingston Meeting between 9:15 and 9:45 a.m. Listed by Julie Murphy of Plymouth Village Realty At 9:45 we will be getting in our vehicles to follow one another around to see the following homes:

• 174 Wapping Road in Kingston with Michelle Burt of Success Real Estate

• 62 Harvard Street in Halifax with Lorraine Gaysunas of CBRB Norwell

• 609 Twin Lakes Drive in Halifax with Amy L. Troup-Greeley of Molisse Realty Group

• 66 Winnetuxet Road in Plympton with Gloria Ferrulle of Conway in Marshfield

• 7 Crystal Drive in Kingston with Lauren Mello of Advocate Realty

• 45 Upland Road in Plympton with Bob Forte of Germaine Realty

• 15 Silver Lake Drive in Kingston with Brittany Cavallo of Conway Duxbury

• 81 Wolf Pond Road in Kingston with Patti Nemes of C21 Tass and Assoc

• 28 Nottingham Drive in Kingston with Jenn Murray of Advocate Realty

• Finally!!! 36 Clifton Drive in Kingston with Sue Foley of Keller Williams!!! HOSTING LUNCH

Thank you everyone for participating….please post this in your offices, tell your colleagues, post it on facebook!….and if everyone brings a realtor!!! Imagine the eXposure that you will have…No WE will all have!!! Everyone is encouraged to do your own listing tour in a creative way to get feedback… Each home is like an act in a play! Lets have fun with it!!! Amy L. Troup Greeley Molisse Realty Group (781) 775-5229


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