eXposure Tour Invite Phase…: 8 spots left!

you are invited to have your listing eXposed

Join us on Thursday..the 17th of July
(Silver Lake Region: Kingston, Halifax and Plympton)

We have 8 spots left!!

Please email me your listing to be on the eXposure Tour as soon as you can.as the spots fill up quick!!

Email me Your Name & Phone Number. Also the Mls# & Property Address

**Please when you do commit yourself, make sure that you know that you have taken a spot that someone else would have adored to have!!

**And that you have to be on the whole tour.Block off the time from 9:15 to 1pm.that way you have enough time! to enjoy ALL the eXposure tour has to offer!

Help me eXpose the itinerary.it will be posted by Monday the 14th of July 2014 so you can tell your offices and colleagues.all about the eXposure tour!!

I look forward to your submissions..

this past week.we found all the homes on tour at least a showing or two..and probably got a few sales in the works!!

eXpose your listing to get it shown and SOLD!!

Make Your Dreams Come Troup-Greeley! today!!

Amy L. Troup-Greeley

Molisse Realty Group

(781) 775-5229




49 thoughts on “eXposure Tour Invite Phase…: 8 spots left!

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