Join us for the eXposure tour on May 14th, 2014 in Abington and Whitman

Abington Area eXposure tour invite (tour is on Wednesday the 14th of May)


You are invited to participate in a Broker eXposure Tour
when:  May 14th, 2014 (Wednesday)
starting at the host spot:  996 Plymouth Street in Abington 996 Plymouth Street
between 9:15 am and 10am
hosted by Ryan Morgan of Mortgage East Corp
we will leave together for the other homes on tour at 10am
do you want your home toured?  (first 8 homes to respond will be on the tour)
let me know by email
by deadline to be on tour:  Saturday May 10th at noon
the tour will be compiled by Sunday the 11th
and the itinerary will be emailed to you.
When you receive the tour…
please share it with your office mates & realtor friends
to eXpose the tour and help to get more broker attendees!!!
thank you in advance….we hope you join us on the Abington Area eXposure Tour
Amy L. Troup Greeley
Molisse Realty Group
(781) 775-5229 or
Also Amy is a yoga teacher, thai masseause, and FGXpress distributor printing logo

52 thoughts on “Join us for the eXposure tour on May 14th, 2014 in Abington and Whitman

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