You are invited to join us Today!!! Thursday November 20th’s eXposure Tour!

eXposure Tour

Silver Lake District

Thursday November 20th, 2014

First Stop will be at Jim Molloy’s

19 Circuit Street in Halifax

Between 9:15 and 9:45

We will leave Circuit Street for the rest of the tour at 9:45 +/-

  • 56 Aldana Road in Halifax shown by Kim Zanellato of Jack Conway
  • Next 66 Forest Street in Plympton with Dave Bugbee of Bugbee Properties
  • 18 Annasnappitt Drive in Plympton with Den Forbes of CBRB
  • 3 Spring Street in Plympton with Den Forbes of CBRB (I okayed with short tour)


    • (*fyi one more spot left)
  • 105 Partingsway Road in Kingston with Ben and Kate of Keller Williams
  • Last Stop will be #6 Shore Drive in Kingston with Donna Wood of MacDonald&Wood Sotheby’s International


A short tour before the Thanksgiving week ahead will definitely be worth it

Some smaller tours give us a lot more critical feedback that really helps us move to the pending stages

I hope that for all of you!


Thank you

Amy L. Troup Greeley

MRG in Marshfield

(781) 775-5229


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5,786 thoughts on “You are invited to join us Today!!! Thursday November 20th’s eXposure Tour!

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